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The most #instagrammable beach in Crete

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

What is the most instagrammable beach in #Crete? We have asked our beloved followers on our #Instagram account and their answers in the poll showed that the most popular, and thus instagrammable, #beach in Crete for 2020 is Seitan Limania. Our followers had to choose among some of the best beaches in Crete, i.e. Balos, Chryssi isle, Elafonissi, Preveli, Seitan Limania, Vai, and (any) other respectively. Let's see the verdict in detail.

A view to the, like a small fiord, inlet Seitan Limania is a popular beach in Akrotiri area, near Chania, Crete, Greece.
Seitan Limania beach
  1. Seitan Limania (Stephanou) beach in the area of Chania. This inlet, like a small S-type fiord, is very popular in Millennials, and as a matter of fact, is the most popular beach in our poll on Instagram with 29%.

  2. Runners-up are the famous beaches of #Balos and #Elafonissi with 17%.

  3. In the third place is #Preveli beach with 14%.

  4. Vai beach and Chryssi isle are following with 9%.

  5. Finally, other beach is voted by the 4% of the followers who participated in our poll.

🔃 What do you think about these results?

Feel free to leave a comment or visit our Instagram account and share your photos!!

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