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S for Seitan Limania, 5+1 things you need to know

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Seitan Limania, located in #Akrotiri, #Chania, west #Crete, is definitely a must-to-visit place; actually can be counted amongst the 5+1 best beaches in Crete. This #instagrammable place recently (in the 2010s as a matter of fact) became a popular destination and of course can be added to anyone's bucket list.

Let's see our review about Seitan Limania (Σεϊτάν Λιμάνια) that means Hell's harbours, also known as Stephanou Limania (Στεφάνου Λιμάνια). You may find below 5+1 things to know about that place, pros and cons that characterize Seitan Limania, as well as our tips for the best visitor's experience there.

Because it's always summer in our hearts! ⛱️

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Picture of Seitan Limania beach, Akrotiri, Chania, west Crete, from above. The beach is in a narrow inlet S-type formed, with limestone rocky landscape and turquoise water. Photo taken on afternoon of October 2020, from the West viewing to the beach
Seitan Limania beach


• Definitely a bucket list destination, worth to visit at least once.

• The Cretan landscape at its best in this S-type inlet: rocky and rough limestone terrain and turquoise water.

• Everyone there, the visitors and even the goats have an extremely happy mood.


• Overcrowded, especially in summertime.

• Steep road downhill with 5 U-turns and without proper road signs and roadside barriers. Steep path downhill from the parking lot to the beach.

• No facilities or lifeguard, so possibly dangerous to swim when sea state is windy.


Fly to Crete, rent a car and start exploring the island!

• Be carefull on the road and the path heading to the beach. Shoes are needed for the path.

• During summertime go early in the morning (or late in the afternoon, but keep in mind that you must better return during daylight).

• For your excursion you may need to bring water with you, or any other supplies, as well as beach gear (like an umbrella) to the beach!

• Do not throw away any litter.

• Respect the natural environment, the flora and fauna of the place.

Panoramic view of Seitan Limania beach, Akrotiri, Chania, west Crete. The beach is a popular destination, characterized by the narrow S-type inlet like a fiord, the limestone rocky landscape and turquoise water. Photo taken on afternoon of October 2020, from the West viewing to the beach
Seitan Limania beach, panoramic view

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