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Journey to Crete: the best Cretan Places

Crete is the largest Greek island, and one of the larger islands in the world. Well-known for the Minoan past and the scenic seashores, Crete is characterized also by the wonderful landscape comprising uniquely various and controversial elements, from tropical to alpine. Moreover it's history and archaeology, even in the relative unknown periods is intriguing and formed the basis for the beloved Cretan hospitality and diet.


So, do you want to find out the best places in Crete?


Our story is related to the Cretan landscape, the study of local history and culture, and the research on the vernacular architecture in particular. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised by local experts. We are thrilled to present to you our specialized knowledge for the island, and to spread the word about the preservation of its cultural heritage and authenticity.

The vision of our team, is focused on accurate presentations and reviews: vivid, unbiased, always to the point and up to date. We developed a standardized method of assessment of each one Cretan place, adapted specifically on the local conditions. Moreover, on this project, we want to promote the sustainable development of the Crete, presenting local SMEs in tourism sector. Our perspective is focused on a minimalistic way of presentation. We don't want to write down unnecessarily huge texts with many trivial, but only useful info.

The less is more.

Follows us to our experiential journey in the best places of Crete!



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