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The most #instagrammable town in Crete

Updated: Jan 6

What is the most instagrammable town in #Crete? We have asked our beloved followers on our #Instagram account and their answers in the poll showed that the most popular, and thus instagrammable, town in Crete for 2020 is Chania. Our followers had to choose among the largest towns in Crete, i.e. Heraklion, Chania, and Rethymnon respectively. Let's see the results in detail.

Panorama of Chania

  1. #Chania. The most popular, and... #instagrammable, town in Crete for 2020, a rather expected outcome, with 64%!

  2. #Rethymnon. The first runner-up with 20%, this town has many fans!

  3. #Heraklion. Second runner-up with 16%, the capital of Crete is emerging as a promicing destination for a city break.

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