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5 of the most significant historic places of the Battle for Crete (1941)

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

On the occasion of the #80th anniversary of the Battle for #Crete, we present #5 of the most significant #historic #places, as they are. Read this listicle as an online temporary exhibition of places and historical facts, commemorating those people who fought there and valuing the importance of peace.

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Tavronitis - Maleme, Chania

Agia - Galatas, Chania

Agios Georgios, Perivolia, Rethymnon

Kopsas hill, Anopoli, Heraklion

Askifou plain, Sfakia, Chania

👉 Tip

  • Fly to Crete, rent a car and start exploring the island! You may use this listicle as an aid for a self-guided tour.

  • You can opt for an organized tour in the battlefield in the area of Chania.

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