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5 reasons why you should make time for the sunset

A couple of weeks ago we visited the scenic village Agios Myron, about 20 kms SW of Heraklion. There we were lucky enough to watch the sunset over the snowy Psiloritis mountain. Inspired by this we ask ourselves: why sunset is making us feeling better? In the following listicle learn about #5 reasons why you should make time for the sunset! 🌇

Watching sunset from Agios Myron, a scenic village SW of Heraklion

#1 Relieving stress.

According to researchers, sunsets are benevolent to the long-lasting satisfaction of life, relieving stress.

#2 A good reason to go outside.

Even if you are working really hard, even more than 9-5, don't miss the opportunity to watch the sunset. You will experience some breath-taking moments boosting your efforts.

#3 Find inspiration.

The powerful experience of a sunset can have a strong creative effect - even if it is just an instagrammable photo.

#4 Feel gratitude for the Earth.

Watching the sunset will definitely help you have better sense of gratitude for the Earth.

#5 Slowing down time.

While watching the sunset, your attention is fully captivated by the awe-inspiring colors, and nothing else, and your fell the time slowing down.

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