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5+1 ways to overcome moodiness

On a rainy day, moody feelings are emerging, but we think that with colour in our lives we obtain! We 've asked on one of our our social media posts, how do you overcome moodiness?

Inspired by this post, let's see 5+1 suggestions that we find them interesting and useful:

  1. Music. The power of music is unbelievable, and one single song can turn your mood on (and vice versa). This is our number one suggestion, and as one of our beloved followers commented on #Instagram, try to listen #Cretan Music!

  2. Laugh. Keep your emotions positive and don't forget that laughter is the best medicine 😉! Try to avoid any tensions and watch comedy! #Cretans for example are humorous and have always a good sense of humour for almost any situation in life.

  3. Chocolate. Don't feel guilty, and have some chocolate! Sugar will elevate your emotion!

  4. Walks. Change your routine, take a break and just have a walk! Even if you think only about problems of the day, exercise will make you feel happier, and provably you will find easier a solution! In #Crete for example there are several scenic paths, both on the cityscape and the landscape of the island.

  5. Foods. If you are hungry, you will feel more sadness. So don't think about it, just eat when hungry! Moreover, try to eat a beloved food. Cretan cuisine maybe?

  6. List. Make a list of things that make you happy and proud, and things you love and plan to do. For example 20 thinks of each case. You will find out that we have the power to make things better and we should not forget it!

🔃 What do you think about these suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment or visit our Instagram account and share your photos!!

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