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Trattoria Alfredo, Heraklion

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

This place is just like an authentic trattoria in Italy. This Italian restaurant actually is preferred by locals of #Heraklion. *

Aspect of the trattoria in bnw format


We ordered pizza margherita bufala (twice, since it was delicious), beef scallopini, and an Italian beer

Our review:

Location: in the district of Mastampas, outside the historic center, near a small roundabout (Ρομαντική γωνιά, Romantiki gonia).

Ambiance: a very good attempt to reconstruct the image of an authentic Italian trattoria.

Cleanliness: very good.

Service: good enough.

Food: good portions, menu consisting of pizzas, pasta and other Italian dishes. We loved their pizza margherita bufala! Nice limoncello offering after dinner.

Wine & beverages: You can find Italian beers at good prices.

Price and value for money: slightly expensive for the Greek standards of the crisis.

Limoncello offering

  • Pros: pizza, service, relevant ambiance

  • Cons: slightly expensive, location

An overview of our visit to that place

Overall rating: 4,5/5,0

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