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Top 5 natural beaches south of Rethymnon, and the best time to go there

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

South #Crete is characterized by the rough landscape and the amazing beaches. Five wonderful and famous beaches are just 30 km south of the neighboring town on the north coast: #Rethymnon.

Let's see these top 5 beaches, #Preveli, #Skinaria, #Ammoudi, #Damnoni, #Souda of Plakias respectively, from the East to the West, and when is the best time to visit.

  1. Preveli beach

Panoramic view of Preveli gorge and beach. Picture taken in June 2020, from the eastern slope, near the parking area, on the path going downhill to the beach. To the East there is the Monastery of Preveli
Preveli beach from the East

Preveli is a world-class destination, well known for the palm grove in the mouth of the steep sea-ending gorge, and the historic Monastery on the hill above the beach. There is a river making a small, oblong, lake just before the beach, where you can swim too. The place is resembling a really tropical terrain.

2. Skinaria (Schinaria) beach

Panoramic view of Skinaria (Schinaria) sandy beach. Photo taken from the South
Skinaria (Schinaria) beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Crete according to locals, famous also for crystal clear water. The road heading to the beach is narrow and steep, so drive carefully there.

3. Ammoudi beach

Ammoudi sandy beach. Picture taken from the southwest.
Amoudi beach from the SW

Ammoudi and the adjacent small beaches #Ammoudaki and #Kleisidi are very scenic, around rocky headlands. Near the sandy beach, Ammoudi, there are tamarisks.

4. Damnoni beach

Damnoni sandy beach. Picture taken from the south west
Damnoni beach from the SW

Adjacent to Ammoudi, Ammoudaki, and Kleisidi, this beach is larger in a small cove that was also the port of the area in the past. This beach is sandy too with facilities and nearby hotels.

5. Souda beach (of Plakias)

Souda beach (of Plakias). Picture taken form the East, place near a stream with fresh water
Souda beach (near Plakias) from the E

East of Plakias and the new port there is a sandy beach at the end of a small gorge, with tamarisks, palms and two streams. There are also facilities, two taverns, with sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach after 1990s became very popular.

Best time to visit:

These beaches have regylarly visitors from May to October, and especially in the weekends in summer time some of them like Souda easily become overcrowded.

Given that south Crete, and Plakias area in particular, are windy places, find out when the best conditions occur for each beach in order to be visited, depending if the beaches are sheltered against prevailing winds.

We checked these 5 (actually 8 beaches) and so we recommend the following:

  • As sheltered from SW-W winds, Souda (especially the western part of the beach, down the cliff), and Preveli (the tiny lake at the mouth of the homonymous gorge stream).

  • As sheltered from N winds, Skinaria, and Ammoudi, Kleisidi, as they are small and sheltered from motherly gust by the adjacent hill.

Keep in mind in every case that you must be careful, and don't try risky things.

For further information send us an email:

🔃 What do you think about those suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment or visit our Instagram account and share your reviews!

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