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The best 3 trails to hike to Timios Stavros, the summit of Ida (Psiloritis) mt.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Mount #Ida (#Psiloritis), is the highest mountain in Crete, and is located in the centre of the island. This mountain has always an impressive look to the inhabitants and visitors of Crete, from the Minoan era till now. There are three ways to head to the summit of the Ida mountain, Timios Stavros (Τίμιος Σταυρός), 2,456 m. The summit is named after the drystone chapel there, dedicated to the Holy Cross. The trails are signed, crossing a rough, arid and rocky, landscape.

1. Part of the E4 trail from the area of the Idaean Cave to Timios Stavros. This is the eastern route, starting from the chapel of Analipsis, near the Idaean Cave, ascends initially to the SW and turns then to the NW, crossing Akolyta and passing near the Agathias peak, before ending to the summit of Timios Stavros. (10 km, 5h the one way)

2. The northern trail, the “Strata tou Psiloriti” (“Η Στράτα του Ψηλορείτη”), from Lakkos tou Mygerou to Timios Stavros. This is the northern route, a recently constructed trail with paved parts with stone slabs. The trail starts ascending to the SE, turns to the SW and then follows the E4 trail heading to Timios Stavros.

(4,5 km, 3h the one way) 3. Part of the E4 trail from Toumbotos Prinos shelter to Timios Stavros.

This is the western route starting from the mountaineering shelter at Toumbotos Prinos, initially following the bank of a stream to the east and then turning to the NE to Kako Plai. The trail continues ascending west of Agkathias peak and then turns to the north heading to Timios Stavros.

(4 km, 2,5h the one way)

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