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"Peri Ousias" (stou Liapaki), Alikarnassos

Liapakis ouzeri ("Περί ουσίας", “Peri Ousias”), New #Alikarnassos, #Heraklion

Overview: Under the radar, locals prefer this old coffee shop that turned into a promising #seafood tavern.

Starting our dinner, salads (boiled greens, cabbage and carots), french fries, and fried squid
Seafood and salads

Our review:

View to the church of Agios Nikolaos

1. Location: on the main road of Nea Alicarnassos, the main location for seafood in Heraklion as well.

2. Ambiance: new interior decoration that does not shows any notable correlation with seafood, rather referring to a café - bar.

3. Cleanliness: very good.

4. Service: good.

5. Food: good servings, menu mainly with fish - seafood, we tried boiled seasonal salad of boiled greens (not freshly cooked) which were ok, and the salad cabbage & carrot was good, fried and grilled shrimps very nice, fried pancakes good enough, french fries (not pre-cooked) and zucchini fried also good, fried squid nice, fried and grilled fish very nice.

Nice dessert with fruit, sweets and raki.

Wine: we tried bulk, not something special.

Grilled shrimps

6. Price and value for money: normal, for seafood value for money.

7. Sum up

Pros: seafood, value for money

Cons: ambience

8. Overall rating: 4,5/5,0

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Fruits, sweets, raki
Complimentary dessert

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