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Keritis bridge: 5+1 reasons to visit this listed monument

An impressive listed monument, standing for almost 111 years, collapsed on February 25, 2019.

Now only the western arch of the bridge is still standing.

This monument initially was a three-arched bridge on #Keritis river, near #Alikianos, less than 12 km from #Chania. After a preliminary research by the team of CretanLandscape, let’s discuss why this monument emerged as an important place to visit.

1. Historical. In the 1st of August 1941 German military units arrested 108 men from Alikianos and other nearby villages, namely Roumata, Prases, Orthouni, Kares, Fournes, Skines, Koufos, and Vatolakkos, and executed them in the bridge of Alikianos.

2. Architectural. The bridge was stone-built; actually was one of the largest constructions related to the investment of the Cretan authorities in public works in the beginning of the 20th century. The bridge was nominated in 1998 as a listed monument for its architectural and historical significance.

3. Geographical. The bridge was the only place to cross the Keritis river in the basin of Alikianos, access the villages east of the river and head to remote places up on the mountains or as far as Sougia at the south coast of Crete.

4. Communal. For years this bridge was the landmark of the area. Local people worked in the constructed of the bridge, local people were executed in the bridge by German troops in 1941, and recently this impressive bridge was the scenery for music events every summer.

5. Environmental. The collapse of the bridge after the severe storm and rainfall at the end of the February 2019 is a strong evidence of the consequences of the climate change in every aspect of our life and the survival of historic monuments in particular.

6. Archaeological. After the collapse were made visible aspects of the construction of the bridge, namely the use of specific materials in each one part of the bridge and building techniques, and possible reasons for the collapse as well.

Towards responsible tourism:
Visit this place, took photos and spread the word of this historic monuments, it’s important to take action in order this bridge to be reconstructed again! Keep in mind that a close approach to the remnants on both sides of the river can be dangerous, as crossing the river as well, so better keep distances and take photos from a safe range.

🔃 What do you think about this monument? Feel free to leave a comment or visit our Instagram account and share your photos!!

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