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Agioi Apostoloi beach, Chania: 5 reasons to visit this popular yet quite underrated place

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


Agioi Apostoloi, a great place for sports and recreation in the suburban landscape of #Chania, in a scenic natural environment. How many towns in the world with such recreational places?

That area of sandy coves and small rocky capes is a listed archeological zone by the Greek Ministry of Culture, a fact that, as we have already pointed out elsewhere, has undoubtedly contributed to the preservation of the landscape and the public space, at this popular place of Chania.

Location and physical settings

Agioi Apostoloi is a place near Chania, less than 5 km west of that town. The diachronic land use of the area at Agioi Apostoloi is really very important, always in the light of the dynamic interaction between the natural and the man made landscape. The geomorphology of the area played a leading role in human activity in the area with a focus on quays that were natural harbors and the rocky headlands between them that provided ideal places for quarrying.

Climate and landscape

Sheltered, sandy beaches, in an archaeological site that probably used to be a port, so its great for even windy days from prevailing northerlies and westerlies.

Actually there are four main beaches: two centrally located coves, surrounded by three small headlands, and two adjacent beaches, all sandy. You may find some small sandy spots in the headlands too. Tamarisks by the sea and a small pines cove on the headlands.

Man made environment and preservation

The chapel of Agioi Apostoloi, initially dated in the Venetian period is well preserved, constructed near or above the site of a late roman basilica. Previous installations are dated even in the Minoan period, and the area has diachronic land use as port and quarry. There are also abandoned historic buildings from the 1930s constructed as summer camp for children.

Destination management and facilities

Great place for sports, there are sport facilities. There are also canteens / beach bars by the sea, but nothing else, since htat place is a listed archeological area. Easy to go there from Chania by feet, bicycle, public transport (public buses), and of course by moto or car.

That place aesily get overcrowded as its the most popular beach area in the greater area of Chania, but still you may find more secluded spots in the small headlands around the coves.

5 values that make Agioi Apostoloi a great place to visit:   
 1. Natural: scenic natural environment and sheltered, sandy, beaches. 
 2. Archaeological: diachronic interaction of the man made environment with the natural one in the area, as port, quarry, and place for dwelling and worship, from the Minoan era to the late Roman period and beyond.   
 3. Historical: one the central headland a summer camp for poor children was constructed in the 1930s, stopping its work due the german occupation in WWII. The historic buildings of this summer camp are still standing, abandoned, waiting for an authentic conservation and adaptive reuse.   
 4. Communal: these beaches are the most popular ones for the working class of Chania from past decades till now, and in recent years a sports center as well. 5. Touristic: the area around this place has been rapidly developed as a destination, but this place is still an attraction for sustainable tourism: just walk, or take a bike or public bus, go there to relax, swim, or workout, just like locals do it.
 5. Environmental: if you live or stay in Chania, you can go easily there by bus, cycling or even walking, reducing significantly gas emissions otherwise needed for driving to other beaches.
Usually overcrowded in summertime.

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