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9 + 1 things you need to know about Aspri Limni beach

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


Aspri Limni (Άσπρη Λίμνη, i.e. white lake) , #Chania, is a wonderful beach for families, and actually for everybody! The beach is secluded, and sharp rocks dividing that place from the open sea, make it look like a whitish small natural pool!

A secret place within 5 minute drive form the overcrowded #Elafonissi, is it possible? Yes it is!

  1. Geomorphology. Rock divide the beach from the open sea making a formation like a small lagoon, a natural pool, in almost circular shape

  2. Geology. The sand is whitish and clayish, quite shallow around the beach and deeper in the center of the "pool".

  3. Climate. These rocks prevent the beach from waves of westerlies, and the beach is sheltered.

  4. Natural Environment. There is a small cretan date palm (Phoenix theophrasti) grove by the sea, actually is the westernmost habitat of that species. The surrounding area has phruganic vegetation mixed with maquis, fatigue, and other scrubs.

  5. Conservation. That place is included in the wider area of the seashore at the south-west Crete protected by the NATURA 2000 scheme (GR4340015). The spot is listed as a micro-reserve for the Cretan date palm tree.

  6. Overall Aspri Limni is a "tropical" aspect of the Cretan Landscape. Crete is like a small continent!

  7. The natural pool at Aspri Limni is approximately 150 x 50 m., less than 500 m in perimeter, and around a hectar of surface area (that is almost 8 Olympic-size swimming pools!).

  8. The place is near Elafonissi and Chryssoskalitissa Monastery, yet is rather unknown and secluded (except of some days is summer time).

  9. There are no facilities except of three umbrellas, and there is no other shadow, so better take an umbrella with you.

  10. In some spots the clayish terrain and sea bed is slippery, so keep that in mind!

Photo of Aspri Limni, Chania, South-West Cret, Greece, a small natural pool, sheltered by the winds, with whittish sand and a Cretan palm tree grove
Immerse yourself in this tropical place

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Aspri Limni natural pool near Elafonissi, South-West Crete, Greece, with crystal clear swallow waters and whittish sand, sheltered by the winds
Aspri Limni, a natural pool near Elafonissi in Crete

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Cretan date palm tree at Aspri Limni, where a small palm grove is un der conservation
Cretan date palm tree at Aspri Limni

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