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30 local festivals in Sitia to go this summer

#Sitia, the town and its area, is the easternmost part of #Crete. The area of Sitia is well known for amazing beaches such as Vai and Kouremenos, and monuments like Toplou monastery. There are also many scenic villages worth to visit. Probably the best occasion to go to those villages is during local, #traditional, feasts (panigyria - πανηγύρια) that take place there, making your visit special.

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View of the esplanade, port and old town of Sitia from the south. Kazarma, the Venetian tower, is also visible. Sitia is located to the slopes of a headland. Photo taken in September 2022
Port and old town of Sitia

The local authorities of Sitia have already organised the following program:

37 local feasts were organised from June to September, and 30 remain to take place in the following weeks. Source:

Most of the villages where festivals will take place are located to the north and the east parts of the area of Sitia. Sitia suffered by a rain flood in October, 2022, and we can support local economy by visiting this wonderful place. Literally, by the town of Sitia there is a regional airport for domestic and charter international flights.

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