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3 + 3 walks for the protection of nature in Greece on the 5th of July, 2020

View of landscape and the mountain Psiloritis
The eastern part of Psiloritis

This pan-Cretan action is part of the movement against the new environmental law and the alteration of the natural (but also anthropogenic as well) environment for the purpose of large-scale tourist and industrial exploitation. Numerous initiatives will take place throughout Greece on Sunday, July 5, 2020. The following walks have been announced for actions in Crete in particular:

1. Hiking route "Agia Irini - Vromonero", in the southeastern part of Psiloritis, Heraklion. 2. At the top sanctuary of Vrysina Rethymno. 3. At the top of Selena on the Plateau of the Lassithi mountains.
4. In the gorge of Aradena, Chania. 5. At the top sanctuary of Kofinas Asterousia, Heraklion. 6. In the area of ​​Sitanos, in the mountains of Sitia.

You can go and walk for the cause of the protection of the nature, and don't forget to take photos and videos posting them making it big.

Don't forget also to visit places that will be significantly altered in the near future.

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