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Ten benefits of the morning walk - and the best places in Crete for a daily walk

Good morning! Inspired by that scenic walkway in the area of the, old and new one, port of Agios Nikolaos, let's mention 10 benefits of the morning walk 🚶 , according to the Healthline:

1. Boost your energy. 2. Improve your mood. 3. Complete your physical activity for the day. 4 . It may help you lose weight. 5. Prevent or manage health conditions. 6. Strengthen muscles. 7. Improve mental clarity. 8. Sleep better at night. 9. Beat the heat in the summertime 10. Make healthier choices throughout the day.

In Crete there are many options to walk, in urban and rural context. Here we will present you the most beautiful coastal walks in and around Cretan towns for a stroll along the seafront. 1. Stroll along the seafront of #Heraklion. You can possible walk for several kilometres, from the mouth of Giofyros river to the eastern part of the port. Of course you can choose to walk in a part of this route, as we present it in three parts here: western, central, and eastern. 2. Stroll along the seafront of #Chania. Of course the old port is a world-class destination and really instagrammable. Extremely popular is an almost U-turn walk from the Firkas fortress, along the old port walkway and then the old jetty heading to the old lighthouse.

Around the old town you can walk either eastwards to the area of Koum Kapi, a place with many cafes, or westwards to Nea Chora. Another option is the area of Agioi Apostoloi, a scenic place around 4 kilometres to west of the town – you can even walk heading there, swim in one of the 4 small coves there and return! 3. Stroll along the seafront of #Agios_Nikolaos. The coastal walk in Agios Nikolaos is really scenic and picturesque, around the small coves of the town, from Kitroplateia to the “lake”, and from there to Minos beach. 4. Stroll along the seafront of #Rethymnon. A redevelopment walkway starts from the old port, along the beach of the old town, in the new port, and continuing to the areas of Kallithea and Perivolia. On the other hand you can walk in the scenic old port and continue along the seafront around the Fortezza castle, and the newly redevelopment walkway in the western part of the seafront of the old city. 5. Stroll along the seafront of #Sitia. The area of the port is scenic, and the new esplanade between the old and the new jetty is love by locals as an evening walk, and one of the best things to do in Sitia according to us too! On the other hand you can walk eastwards along the beach, from the port to Petras area.

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